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Rotor/brake pad/caliper replacement, Auto Repair (Mobile Mechanic) (York, PA)

Experienced mechanic specializing in Rotors/brake pads, caliper replacement and some general auto repair. I can do CV axle, serpentine belts, tie rods, suspension (control arms), replacing 02 sensors, etc. I can do oil changes. Most services, I will come to your location to provide the service (anything greater than 3 hrs, must come to my location). I will provide service without the garage prices. Cash only please.


Services offered:
1. Replace brake pads, calipers, and rotors. You decide on quality. You must provide your own parts.

Pads - OEM, ceramic
Rotors - OEM, upgrade (better than OEM - drill, slotted)
Calipers - OEM New or refurbished

Note: if calipers are replaced, must bleed calipers.


My labor charge:

- Drum brake replacement - $90.
You must buy all the required parts (Brake drum. Brake shoes. Wheel cylinder. Anchor plate. Adjuster. Return springs. Fastening and actuating elements, brake cleaner, brake fluid). This includes bleeding and adjusting the brakes.

- Brake Pad replacement:
1. $55 for either just rear or front replacement
2. $110 for all four (front and rear) replacement
Note: brake pads are replaced in pairs

- Rotor replacement (if required):
If in conjunction with brake pad replacement
1. Add $5 per rotor
If just rotor replacement (separate from brake pad/caliper replacement)
1. $55 per rotor (same as changing out the pads. At this point, you may consider changing out the pads)
Note: OEM rotors typically last between 3-4 years, pending on how hard you drive, environment, and brake pad replacement. If you hear metallic noise when braking, you will need to replace rotor. If vehicle is vibrating, shuddering, etc., rotors are warped and must be replaced.

- Caliper replacement:
If separate from brake pad/rotor replacement
1. $55 per caliper

If in conjunction with brake pad/rotor replacement
1. Add $10 for each caliper

I am a single person, not a shop or a team. Times vary, but typically:

- front/rear - Aprroximately 1.5 hrs
- all four - Approximately 3 hrs

What is included in service:

I will dispose of waste material. You can keep your old parts or have me dispose (your choice).
I will clean disc brake hardware with a wire brush and re-use. I will use the OEM disc brake hardware if old requires replacement. A better fit prevents rattling.
I will remove the brake dust from the caliper and disc brake parts with brake cleaner
I will lubricate all points where brake pad touches the disc brake hardware (prevents squeaking)
I will clean/lubricate the caliper guide pins
I will inspect caliper piston for torn gasket/leaks
I will inspect brake lines for leaks
I will inspect cv axle and tie rod for leaks

Other services:
- Tire rotation - $20
- Brake fluid flush - $40 (you provide 32 oz of Dot 3 brake fluid)
- Oil change - $25 (you provide oil and filter. I will dispose of old oil)
- Front or rear strut/suspension assembly replacement -$60-90 per side, depending upon vehicle. Note "assembly". Changing out the strut from the spring will require a machine shop. That is an additional $50-60.
- Hub assembly & wheel bearing replacement. $60-120 per side. Depending on vehicle. An additional $50-60 for machine shop to remove/press bearing. Most vehicles, only $50-60. Only in rare cases, higher end cars -$100. Shop I use is York, PA. I'll give you the receipt for the machine shop service.
- Alternator removal/replacement - $75-$120. Depends on the vehicle and location of alternator. Typically, 4 cyl easier to remove/replace than 6/8 Cyl.
- Serpentine belt -$15-30. Depends on vehicle. If straight shot removal (do not have to remove accessories), only $15.
- Water pump - $120-160. Depends on vehicle
- Thermostat - $75-$120. Depends on vehicle
- Tie Rod - $60.
- Upper/Lower Arm Control Arm - $75-$120. Depends on Vehicle
- CV Axle - $75-$120. Depends on vehicle.
- 02 Sensor replacement - $60 - $120. Depends on location.
Some services may require your vehicle to be taken to a shop to utilize a lift. Otherwise, most services I can come to you at your location or you to my location, vice versa.

I only do jobs after 530 pm on weekdays. I primarily do my jobs on Fri/Sat/Sun.

Note: customer is responsible to provide brake cleaner, brake fluid, grease, and loctite blue (prevents bolts from vibrating loose), as required by the job. I will inform you.

Please contact me for further information, scheduling, and quotes. Call/Text.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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