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👀👀Watch FOX NEWS and learn some real facts America ! *Sean Hannity *Lou Dobbs
-NO snowflake fake news here !
⚡ From alleged Russia collusion to Racists in the white house , "what a joke"now Americans are being insulted and constantly assaulted by more propaganda lies from the deplorable looney-tune left Trump haters. All these so called wanna-be national news media and wanna-be comedians you see on the boob tube are in campaign mode and character assassination of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and
every-one close to him. *They should be caring more about what the American people need done for them and who's not doing the peoples work. Trump is in the deep stinking swamp fighting the good fight for All Americans, even you! Hopefully he's digging out the traitors and criminals that are there for their own personal gains and political ideology's-! "This Resist crap" is deplorable, their now obviously waging a racist political war on the white house and this is their happy card to play against Trump and the American citizens their victims-! Sad and pathetic, disgraceful humans ? They kept yelling Russia, Russia collusion and shown no evidence of the alleged crime, now their screaming racists again and again,*you can bet and expect all the Trump haters to jump all-aboard on this terrorist propaganda tactic...""Here they go'' using racial politics as a weapon to play with Americans minds and emotions (lies) to win votes in the up-coming elections...its wrong, its disgraceful and a huge insult to all Americans, they should be held accountable....(**boycott them all , and call them out everywhere online, TV and radio **)---We the people see right through them, just like we saw through Obama's lies and Hillary Clinton's "LIES" This is a common theme for them and the D.N.C ....These clowns and jokers are the real haters , dividers and deceiver's of all Americans -! (IN FACT) PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP has it exactly right⚡Ever since Donald J.Trump -WON- the Presidential election November 8th -2016, the American people have watched the so called
american-democrat party leaders and the Snowflake fake news media assume the role of (propaganda) extremists, as anyone knows a extremist not only seeks to injure, destroy or carry out violent acts, -but they love to promote trouble and most of all the character assassination of anyone near Donald Trump. They are misinformation, chaos and disorder this is their Resist, (-lies-) Right now they are conspiring inside the Whitehouse and outside the Whitehouse too attempt the removal of Donald J. Trump our elected President by trying to paralyze and mislead their intended victims the citizens of the United States of America. This is totally -UN-AMERICAN and a disgrace to the words "human being"not to mention calling yourself a American.
[-The Resist Trump organized movement-] This is a real conspiracy if you've ever seen one, period
The majority of
"propaganda" extremist attacks and tactics actually do not involve murder and mayhem, but "they are planting the seeds of this sick idea"across America with their hate filled deplorable rhetoric that they push across America day in and day out, most extremists tactics are carefully planned, organized and crafted to promote fear, insecurity, intolerance and turmoil for a twisted radical agenda. **Democrat leaders or the new world order socialist officials here in America should be screaming loudly from the top of their lung's that this is immorally "wrong' they don't..speak out on it-? (why)*because their terrified of the outsider DONALD J.TRUMP the real Hope and real Change.Their worried and terrified about the loss of their power and control, no more business as usual for them!
Now in all reality's with mental and verbal propaganda extremist it is often more deadly and farther reaching than any single act of violence because this kind of deplorable rhetoric infects and spreads like a fast moving cancer,we're seeing it everyday! *deplorable hate filled character assassination rhetoric and attempted brain washing by the "left', especially the fake news Hillary lovers* It only takes one crazy nutty buddy to do something stupid and they know it.! [=Consider and Remember NEVADA=] -SAD-, *TALK ABOUT HORRIBLE ROTTEN PEOPLE-- I WOULDN'T LEAVE MY CHILDREN NOWHERE NEAR THEM,-THEY FIT THE DEFINITION OF EVIL PERFECTLY*
Most Americans would like to think and believe that democrat (*leaders-?) and most of their followers (Left Wing Fake Media, -"Resist") are fair minded, responsible peace loving people that understand the importance of -unity for the greater good of the American people and the country as a whole. *U.S.A*
Unfortunately somewhere along the road a long time ago some of them took a hard left turn and now they have many of the same "propaganda" characteristics as a "terrorist" they claim to oppose, but yet they spew and push hateful rhetoric too the American people like spoiled children.... WOW!
Let's see if we can clarify the actions of extremist that also describe the behaviors of those that call themselves Democrats or Socialist Fascist today. -(Lost)-
-First- extremists seeks too defy and ignore the rule of lawS.
-Second- a extremist is sneaking, conniving,cunning and seeks to spread the message of hate and descent.(division).Resist-
-Third- extremist verbally and sometimes physically attack anyone that opposes their doctrine or beliefs.
[- maybe their emotionally delusional and psychologically lost-]
-Forth- extremist try brainwashing their followers and everyone else with lies deception or partial truths, half the facts in an effort to gain the support of the uninformed and gullible Americans. Just look at the media platforms!, horrible!

Then extremist always try to indoctrinate their children and ours (teens) so they believe in all manners of perversion, lawlessness and opposition.
The extremist is happiest when he/she or the (child) has created a conflict, obtained power over the weak minded or stupid and forced their irrational agenda on the American people. *The resist Trump Media and many others are trying this today*
At some point, rational individuals see these Democrats and Socialist Fascist as not only evil but as psychopaths that will say or do anything to keep power while spewing their liberal garbage.! SAD.
On November 12, 2016 in New York. The election of Donald J. Trump as president has sparked emotionally disturbed protests in cities across the country, not to mention the planned and organized ones by the haters!
At that point, we have what could be called the "Trump Effect." (victory) Now that the American people have spoken- the Political left propaganda extremist are in attack mode, without any regard for the message that was sent by the American people "now we have,
(-organized chaos and disorder-)
It is the intent of these Democrats and professional (organized) followers to topple all that is good and right in the greatest nation on earth. They seek to keep power and build empires that prey on the weak, uneducated, gullible and the permanent entitlement class they created but falsely claim to represent. They get the vote - They get the power- They get-rich with schemes and scams- and lead by lies and deception constantly.. ect.
*We the people of the United States of America need to wake up and support the fundamental concepts that made this country great and is still great! "BUT' we will be devoured by lies , deceit, half truths, educational extremist, economic extremist, bureaucratic extremist, social extremist, technological, political *MEDIA extremist (especially)*, illegal alien extremist and armies of -self proclaimed victims- espousing a terrorist mentality.
Many have tried to draw parallels between the Tea Party groups and what you are witnessing in orchestrated protests, but this is like comparing your family dog that barks to protect it's owner to an abused fighting pit bull that will attack anything that gets in its way.
WE should have learned from the last 8 years-! WE spoke out against them !👉 👈
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