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RE: Keep in mind my posts . . .

From your post:
"If you trust FOX "news", right-wing-nut radio or websites, Donald J. Trump and/or his regime and/or Republicans, especially Senate Republicans like Moscow Mitch; SIMPLY DO NOT RESPOND."


So you're saying you are the new C-list police force. That you want to reach independents with your view, but it can ONLY be YOUR view; any other view is not allowed; no counter argument is allowed. What a MORON!
What the hell do you think this venue is for, you IDIOT.

You sound like Hitler or Stalin with their Propaganda machines designed to silence all dissenters.

You actually think you can control those who disagree with you by saying, "SIMPLY DO NOT RESPOND." And we'll sheepishly obey. You need to see a psychiatrist, seriously, I mean it. You have serious delusions of grandeur. That's a psychosis to be taken seriously and treated so you can function properly in civil society.

You're like a toddler screaming and rolling on the floor when they don't get their way, demanding that mommy give them their way.

You don't believe in the American system of free and open debate. Only Fascist overlord techniques of pathetic, limp, flacid, intellect-devoid, attempted and laughed-at force.

The real reason you made this ridiculous post is that you have come up against serious, intelectually superior arguments of late, where as, for a while, you went unchallenged. Now you are abashed. Now you don't like your views being questioned. You don't like not having a monopoly on information. You don't like not being able to just pull random bullshit, slanderous, libelous accusations out of your ass, throw them around, and get away with it (like Trump actually is on a mission premeditatively murder citizens). You fear everyone sees through the vapidness of your arguments and that you are now loosing the argument.

Deep down inside, you now begin to realize that Trump WILL be reelected despite your ineffectual efforts, so you now act like a cornered animal and begin lashing out with attempted force. You are an exact microcosm of the mainstream Democrat, so-called "press" who are just a propaganda machine for leftist Democrats--everybody knows it, you can't hide it anymore, especially since Trump has now called them out to those that were blind to it--who now are throwing private tantrums in their board rooms because their monopoly on news is gone. Well, TOO BAD. This is the real world and you're not the king of it. I hate to be the one to disappoint you. I suggest you go get some medication so you can get in tune with to reality.

You also say you are also posting to Progressive Democrats. Why? It's preaching to the choir, so that statement is at best disigenuous, and at worst, just nonsensical and stupid. They already think that, so what's the point?


Don't worry, I won't nor ever would reply in an email to you. It would be pointless.
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