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Mass Media Mind Control: A study in U.S. Political Assassination 2017
June 16, 2017
Facts, truth and commonsense dictate the shooter is responsible for his actions but culpability for the assassination attempt against Republicans at baseball practice outside Washington, DC lay where it belongs. At the collective feet of the Progressive Democrats and establishment Republicans, along with the Statist elites who conspire to a globalist political system. This odd coalition remain so stunned and panicked over their loss to upstart President Donald J. Trump to the point where they are of one mind to overthrow the duly elected President by any means possible. Be it character assassination or political assassination. They all wish harm to befall him if that is what it takes to remove him from office immediately.

In the year 2017, we have arrived at that moment in our history where a cabal of those in political and media influence are driven by blind ambition to regain their slipping grip on power. Even if they must disenfranchise the American people from their vote. Even at the cost of shredding the US Constitution or endangering the sanctity of our Republic. They feign tears for the poor and plot the means to conjure for themselves unbridled wealth and power. The Roman Senate plotters were guilty of the ambitions they accused Caesar of and murdered him so they may usurp his power for themselves.

"As Caesar loved me, I weep for him; as he was fortunate, I rejoice at it; as he was valiant, I honour him: but, as he was ambitious, I slew him." Brutus: Act 3, Scene 2 - Julius Caesar

The nation witnessed a political assassination attempt by a far left wing progressive Bernie Sanders operative who stalked, then fired upon Republican Congressmen and their aides. He was killed by armed security personnel on the scene who returned fired, according to reports. Assassin was progressive Bernie Operative

Make no mistake about it, this man was incited to murder, succumbing to the media power of subliminal suggestion, the steady diet of reckless propagandized opinion molding, deceptive mass hypnosis techniques and the phenomenon that produces a programmable assassin. Quick tutorial begins with the early morning kids show host Soupy Sales. Soupy Sales was a comedian who helped TV "programmers" discover the mesmerizing power of television in 1965.

His early morning viewers were young children eating breakfast cereal in front of the TV watching a live show sponsored by those very same cereal brands. Having dead air time to fill, the skilled ad-libber became infamous for saying: "boys and girls, go into mommy's pocket book and daddy's wallet and take out the "green paper" and send it to SOUPY SALES SHOW". A percentage of the viewing children obeyed as if in a trance. Now you understand why Coca-Cola will pay millions of dollars for a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl half time. Mind control. Soupy Sales ask kids to send 'green paper' 1965

Advancement in mind control extends to building the programmable assassin drawn from that percentage of the population harboring the subdued propensity to triggered response political murder. Remember the Obama Administration's unending, seething distain directed at the nation's law enforcement officer community that eventually triggered a programmable political assassin in Maryland, who drove up to New York and shot in cold blood two NYC police officers as they sat in their car. Two NYC Cops assassinated by shooter incited by anti cop rhetoric

The attempted Republican congress assassin, identified as 66 year old James. T. Hodgkinson is a Bernie Sanders operative immersed in anti-Trump hatred. He became programmed by the media's vitriolic saturation, incensed by the political rhetoric, consumed by the concerted effort to delegitimize the Trump presidency. The programmed assassin is triggered to the act of political murder by mental and emotional mechanisms much like the entertaining hypnotist can get certain members of the audience behave like a duck on command.

Evidence suggest there is a direct correlation between this unending barrage of anti-Trump violent imagery ranging from violent riots, street protests, the rendition of the Julius Caesar assassination replaced with a Trump look-a-like, to the Rap Singer shooting the President, to the ISIS bloody head image, to top government officials, media pundits, TV shows all converging, acting in concert into triggering the lurking programmable assassin, where ever or whoever they may be.

This type of individual's conditioned behavior is de-centralized but at the same time a coordinated effort that was driven by this bee-hive, collective mind-set, justifying and equivocating each other's motives and actions, assuring each other that they are right, true and justified in their violent opposition by morphing into the evil they so venomously reject. Just like the lone-wolf terrorist acting on behalf of their leaders but apart from central command, incited to self actualized violence by their common cause.

This is not to suggest that James T. Hodgkinson was taken into a secret lab, fed mind altering drugs and was subjected to a hypnotically induced conditioning that led him to stalk and attempt to kill his prey. However, the same outcome occurred as if he were, because the intended or unintended consequence of their violent actions we have witnessed since election day. The mind-control messaging triggered this man to do what he did and specifically to kill who he targeted.

The wizardry of media programmers and savvy politicians all know about the powerful phenomenon some call subliminal suggestion, mesmerization, others "MK Ultra" or the programmable assassin. Each did their part to reach the common goal driven by their own personal ambition. Each of them view President Trump through the lens of their own rationale but all of them see him as the embodiment of their political and financial demise should his policies prevail. Also as represented by the rejection of the American voters to their hold on power. CIA Freedom of Information release: What is MK Ultra?

They need to know that it will not work, they will never win. If President Trump catches so much as a cold before his term is up, or this blatant attempt at frame up continues by deep state actors, it will be up to 65 million voting Americans to register their complaint and exact an unforgiving revenge on all who tried to shred the Constitution and dismantle our Republic.

If this globalist cabal would go so far as to frame up or kill a duly elected American President, then they will next rescind the 2nd Amendment in order to disarm any dissenters, because history teaches us such is the tactics of tyrants and statist. They wish to cause us to fear the assassins gun, so much more than the assassin, that we will willingly demand surrendering our only means of our self defense. Our rights to have guns will be taken away from us by the conspirators who manufactured it in the first place, through the manipulation of fear, targeting a gullible American public.

Americans have defeated the ambitions of global domination for two centuries by force of arms in the hands of those with the courage of republican constitutionalist ideals. This time they attempt to saturate us with blinding deception and weaponize our freedom of speech to undermine our electoral college through the assassins bullet and manipulate the basest of human emotions in an opiating toxic mixture of hate and fear. The antidote is love for our countrymen and principled courage of our constitutional convictions.

This political assassin shot at a group of Republican congressmen, but the target of those who share his mindset and collectivist belief system represents, is you, the freedom born, non-conforming American citizen. They aim to kill our love of freedom in exchange for their illusion of global equality and manufactured safety. Remember, "security without freedom is called jail".
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