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RE: Re: June 26, 2020 - rainbow boy (York)

Gotta love the moron calling other people morons!

Complains when people blame Trump for the Covid deaths.

Well.. Seems to the smart folks that Trump DENIED that it was a problem. While other countries jumped to stop the spread and tested like mad, Trump said it's like a cold. When it gets warm it will magically go away! Seems to the smart folks that the "warm" Florida, Texas, and Arizona have MAJOR Covid problems! It didn't go away - it got WORSE and Trump still hasn't formulated a plan of care! He did stop Chinese people from coming from China. BUT he let in everyone else that had been in the infection zones. AND he didn't stop Chinese coming from Europe!!!!!!

He blames health care issue on Trump. Guess you don't didn't bother to check out that half a million people signed up for the Affordable care act last month. Trump wants to take away their health care. Remember how he promised HIS plan was so much cheaper and so much better with so much more coverage. Hmmm He's been in office for 3 1/2 YEARS - I'm sure you know his plan. No one else has seen it. But you're just so much smarter than everyone else right? Trump is goimg to kill the ACA and take away people's health care IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC!!!! What a caring leader!

You complain he values human life.. Then say some crap about killing unborn babies.

Tell you what.. I have a friend who needs a liver transplant. We'll just take half YOURS! that OK? You get no say - you value human life and don't want anyone to die. We'll take HALF YOUR LIVER and transplant it in him! What??? You won't voluntary give up half your liver to save someone?? You think we should tell you what to do with YOUR body! But it's OK when you tell others what they can do with theirs!

Then my personal favorite - you complain when he tells people who to vote for. Guess FREE SPEECH doesn't appear in your copy of the Constitution!

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